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Back in 2009 during the recession, I found myself unemployed with a Bachelors degree in Accounting and a Masters degree in Accounting and Financial Mangement, with over 15 years of experience. Downsizing of businesses were rapid. The workforce was saturated with educated individuals with scarcity in available jobs.

One day, I decided that I did not like the feeling of other business owners having control of me and my family's well-being. I had already been doing tax preparation on the side for a few family and close friends, as of more of a hobby. The lightbulb came on and I made the decision to step out and make this 'hobby' a full-fledged business!!

While still on unemployment, I began to do my due diligence and my research to setup my own bona-fide business. I took charge of my future and helped to provide financial security!

Today, many years later, I still prepare tax returns, my client base has increased and I am happy to know that I can support myself financially. There is no better feeling!

As a result, I now desire to assist others who want the same for them and their families!

My name is Margaret King Brewer, CEO of BK Consulting Firm, Inc. and with my experience and expertise I am ready to help you...Take Control.

Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, making your own decisions, and living your best life!!!

Get Started on Your Entrepreneurial Journey!

ENJOY the course and feel free to contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation!

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What is a Small Business? What Are Some Basic Steps Needed to Start?

Financing Options: Where Can I Obtain Capital?

What is a Business Plan?

What Taxes to Consider?

Common Mistakes

Importance of an Online Presence

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